Enjoy. Endow. Enlighten.

Dr. and Mrs. Ennis have created six endowment funds in Chronic Pain and Breast Cancer, across Canada. The Endowment Funds have been provided to the University of Toronto, McMaster University and The University of British Columbia. It is hoped that the purchase of Dr. Ennis’ artwork will provide the recipient and their family with enjoyment while at the same time helping these funds grow to assist our future physicians learn more about these two fields of medicine.

To provide the recipient of Dr. Ennis’ artwork with enjoyment from what is expressed in his artwork. Art is one of the ways that Dr. Ennis has coped with disease, illness and chronic pain.

To provide funding to one of the six Ennis Endowment Funds. Currently, the focus for funding is The Ennis Endowment Fund for Chronic Pain Management at McMaster University.

To help develop future physicians with expertise in the management of chronic pain including an understanding of medication management, the treatment of psychiatric illness that accompanies chronic pain, and teaching patients to cope with pain.

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Email: ennisendowmentfund@gmail.com
McMaster University link to Endowment Fund here