In 2015 Dr. and Mrs. Ennis, in co-operation with McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario), developed, the Ennis Endowment Fund for Chronic Pain Management (EFCPM). This is a non-profit fund, designed to stimulate the development of future pain specialists with similar interests to Dr. Ennis. Medical residents from Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Physiatry and Internal Medicine are invited to apply for the endowment. It will help to fund their further education in the field of chronic pain.

You can donate to the fund in two ways. You can give directly to the McMaster Fund or you can purchase one of Dr. Ennis’ paintings. If you are interested in one of the prints, please browse the website.

If you prefer to give directly to the McMaster Endowment Fund, the Ennis family will match any donation made, dollar for dollar, and you will receive a tax deductible receipt for the amount you donated.

McMaster University link to Endowment Fund here