The Ennis Endowment Fund for Chronic Pain Management

(McMaster Endowment Number R4170A)

Dr. Ennis is a psychiatrist with additional training in the management of chronic pain. He is also a chronic pain patient. (see for the full story). He has worked in the field for over 20 years. Unfortunately medical treatment is imperfect and many patients with chronic pain continue to have pain that interferes with their day to day function. It is for this reason that Dr. Ennis has developed programs, now across Canada, that helps patients live fuller lives in spite of chronic pain. He brings into these programs what he has learned as a physician and as a patient, in order to live with pain every day, all year round.

In 2015 Dr. and Mrs. Ennis, in co-operation with McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario), developed, the Ennis Endowment Fund for Chronic Pain Management (EFCPM). This is a non-profit fund, designed to stimulate the development of future pain specialists with similar interests to Dr. Ennis. Medical residents from Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Physiatry and Internal Medicine are invited to apply for the endowment. It will help to fund their further education in the field of chronic pain.

What makes this fund unique is that the Ennis family will match any donation made, dollar for dollar.

Introduction to Dr Ennis’ Artwork

Dr. Ennis began painting at the age of four, selling his first painting at the age of 12. He has painted all of his life. He has worked in most media included oil, acrylic, water colour, pastel and most recently, encaustic (wax). He also carves, is a boyer (builds bows), luthier (builds guitars) and boat builder (see The pieces shown here are either digital representations of his work, or giclee prints (larger, high grade prints). All profit from the purchase of these prints goes directly into the Endowment Fund. 

Given that something of Dr. Ennis’ is being given, and received, for the funds, a receipt will be provided by Dr. Ennis, not by McMaster University. This is not a typical non-profit tax receipt. However, if you prefer to make a direct donation to the endowment, without any purchase of a print, then a receipt from McMaster University (visit donation page) will be provided that can be used during the tax season.

Many of Dr. Ennis’ original pieces are available for purchase. If you are interested, please call 905-627-7300 and speak to Susan to make an appointment for viewing.

Nanuk of the North

Comrades of WWI

Bearded Iris-Still Life

Hulk-I’m Angry and Won’t Take it Anymore

Flash Gordon-Alone

Webster Falls with Colour

Wolverine-O Yah!

Ships at Sea


Set of 5 Cards

We have a set of 5 cards for purchase – 5″ x 7″, blank inside, with accompanying envelopes – featuring a selection of Dr. Ennis’ artwork, namely (L to R) In Love (Daredevil and Elektra), Wolverine-The Bet, Wolverine and Jean Gray (The Kiss), Joy and Birches of Minnicock


Our Goals

Dr. and Mrs. Ennis have created six endowment funds in Chronic Pain and Breast Cancer, across Canada. The Endowment Funds have been provided to the University of Toronto, McMaster University and The University of British Columbia. It is hoped that the purchase of Dr. Ennis’ artwork will provide the recipient and their family with enjoyment while at the same time helping these funds grow to assist our future physicians learn more about these two fields of medicine.


To provide the recipient of Dr. Ennis’ artwork with enjoyment from what is expressed in his artwork. Art is one of the ways that Dr. Ennis has coped with disease, illness and chronic pain.

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To provide funding to one of the six Ennis Endowment Funds. Currently, the focus for funding is The Ennis Endowment Fund for Chronic Pain Management at McMaster University.

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To help develop future physicians with expertise in the management of chronic pain including an understanding of medication management, the treatment of psychiatric illness that accompanies chronic pain, and teaching patients to cope with pain.

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Thank-you for your support

If you have purchased a print, on behalf of Dr. and Mrs. Ennis, it is hoped that it brings you and your family enjoyment for many years to come.

Remember, Dr. Ennis will provide you with a receipt if you have purchased a print. If you have decided to make a direct donation to the endowment fund through McMaster University (visit donation page) the University will provide you with a receipt that can be used during the tax season.

Regardless of how you made your donation, Dr. and Mrs. Ennis thank-you on behalf of all of those patients who will be helped through these funds.

We can accommodate payment with any card (eg. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Debit). However, if possible payment with a debit card would be greatly appreciated. Debit costs the endowment the least and leaves more funds for the endowment itself. Thank-you.

If paying for a print by cheque, please make it payable to Dr. Jeff Ennis Art Studio for ‘McMaster Endowment R4170A’. The funds are transferred to McMaster, after print costs, by Dr. Ennis. All financial matters related to the endowment are open to scrutiny through McMaster.